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Tasty vegan and gluten free baked treats. Made with love and unrefined sugar. Zero-waste inspired. 

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Just a person who's very passionate about people and food and want to bring the two together. I want people to appreciate/enjoy the simple pleasure of eating food.

This is a passion project of mine. I wanted to create food for everybody. People with gluten intolerant, people who chose to be vegan (respect), people who can't eat dairy, people who can't eat nuts or soy, and normal people who just appreciate tasty treats.

This project became a real thing (end of 2017) when I realised I had to do something about the vegan and gluten free food as many of my friends struggled to find baked goods that are affordable and edible.

Door to door delivery, pick up, courier if outside of the free delivery zones - the baked goods will be sealed for freshness and protected within the delivery boxes (with best ability and intentions). Most packaging are recycled other than the food packaging.

but really, who is she?


Hey! I came from a design/fashion background. 

Having lived in HK for two years, I've met the most incredible humans. A few of my best friends happened to be vegans and some were also gluten intolerant.  

We met the founder of MANA at a music festival and were very inspired by Bobsy. He planted trees all across Lamma Island in the early 90s and made it a beautiful island that is nowhere near the unbreathable skyscrappers.

It made me really think about how wasteful the fashion industry is and started to hate it especially when it doesn't actually bring a positive impact to the environment. Consumers nowadays take our resources of fast fashion for granted. While I've always loved food, cooking and baking for friends around me. I found it harder and harder to connect to the mass production/ globalisation society. I just wanted to come home (NZ) and be eating fresh and local produce.  I realised I needed to move back to NZ to do something about food and start fresh. 

Started my hospitality job at a cafe in Mt Eden, I often baked and brought them to work as I wanted everyone to try them. (I like to experiment in the kitchen)  It eventually became a passion project when I discovered how happy I could make people with just a huge hobbie of mine.

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